18.12.2013  Wuppertal / Germany

Hochschule für Musik und Tanz
Works of F.Mendelssohn & S.Rachmaninoff
Info : http://www.hfmt-koeln.de/hochschule/wuppertal.html

20.11.2013  Mönchengladbach / Germany

LVR Rheinische Schule
Duo Recital with the Clarinetist Senne Coomans
Works of A.Schreiner, W.Lutoslawski, A.Bräu, F.Mendelssohn
Info & Tickets : http://www.klinik-moenchengladbach.lvr.de/

14.11.2013  Düren / Germany

Einrichtung Haus St. Anna
Duo Recital with the Violinist Liya Yakupova
Works of F.Kreisler, S.Rachmaninov, J. Massenet, C. Saint-Saens
Info & Tickets : http://www.haus-sankt-anna.de/

09.11.2013  Siegburg / Germany

Dr. Ehrmann Kinderhaus
Duo Recital with the Violinist Fedor Roudine
Works of W.A.Mozart, R.Schumann, J.Massenet, S.Rachmaninoff
Info & Tickets : http://www.stiftung-ehmann.de/

22.10.2013  Bonn-Bad Godesberg / Germany

Steinbach Seniorenheim
Trio with the Violinists: Fedor Roudine & Liya Yakupova
Info & Tickets : http://www.drk-seniorenhaus-steinbach.de/

20.10.2013  Bonn / Germany

”Leonium” Seniorenresidenz
Solorecital with works of  L.V.Beethoven, F.Mendelssohn & Yannis Konstantinidis
& Duo with the violinist Liya Yakupova
Info & Tickets: http://www.novavita.com/bonn/leoninum/index.html

04.10.2013  Bonn / Germany

Beethoven Fest Post Tower Lounge Bonn
Trio with the Soloists: Katerina Chatzinikolau, Violin Aleksey Shadrin, Cello Works of H.W. Henze
Info & Tickets: http://www.beethovenfest.de

14.09.2013  Cologne / Germany

Cologne Musik Night (Kölner Musiknacht)
Agapi vs ”Forseti Saxophonquartett”
Works of G.A.Mayrhofer, F.Mendelssohn & A.Dvorak
The concert will be also LIVE from the Radio station WDR3 on 14.09 at 18.05 ! http://www.wdr.de/wdrlive/wdrplayer/wdr3player.html
Info & Tickets: http://www.koelner-musiknacht.de/2013/deu/ensemble.php?ensemble=92 http://www.forsetiquartett.de/

02.09 – 08.09.2013  Montepulciano / Italy

Chamber Music Week Teatro Polizziano
Works of R.Schumann and H.W.Henze
Info & Tickets: http://www.palazzoricci.com/

10.07.2013  Cologne / Germany

Wohnstift St.Anna
Solorecital with works of L.V.Beethoven, W.A.Mozart & F.Mendelssohn
Info & Tickets: http://www.sh-st-anna.de/

05.07.2013  Neuss / Germany

Recital with works of  R.Schumann
Info & Tickets: http://www.lukasneuss.de/

22.06.2013  Trier / Germany

Sommerfest Uni Trier
Solorecital with works of D.Scarlatti-F.Chopin-F.Liszt
Info & Tickets: http://www.uni-trier.de

18.05.2013  Cologne / Germany

Hochschule für Musik und Tanz Köln (Chamber Music Hall)
Works of C.Debussy
Info & Tickets: http://www.hfmt-koeln.de/

06.04.2013  Athens / Greece

Parnassos Athens Hall “Young clasical Series”
W.A.Mozart: Piano Concerto Nr. 20, D-Minor, KV466
Athens Youth Symphony Orchestra
Mariano Chiacchiarini, Conductor
Info & Tickets: ticketservices.gr, www.specsnarts.gr

05.04.2013  Greek Radio and Television (ERT)

At the Broadcast ”Art Spot” (Σημείο ART) – ET1
Interview and works of D.Scarlatti
Info: http://www.ert.gr/webtv/et1/item/12243-Shmeio-Art-05-04-2013#.UWZzNT3RrIU
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